Located in Syracuse NY. We are a family owned and operated business
Custom - Portable - Wooden Display Racks

For the past 20 years ENM Crafts has strived to design and manufacture innovative, functional and customized commercial Wooden Display Racks  for Retail Stores that aim to showcase your products and put them in the spotlight. Our unique variety will exceed your expectations and give you a new perspective on how to exhibit your product’s full potential. We only use top quality materials and machinery to produce the best there is in the market today.
Although we are known for our wooden rack displays, we are far from limited to them alone. We can make any design you have in mind and we can personalize it by engraving any name or special date you wish. Each design has its own story to tell and that is what makes our company stand out.

Apart from our wood working skills, we also specialize Large Format Printing. This means we create the vision you have for your business. We can print in a variety of materials with uncompromised quality at sizes up to 10 feet wide seamless by almost any length.

Allow ENM Crafts to decorate your new store with its ingenious ideas. We can manufacture everything you need with easy shipping and assembly due to our flat pack design.

Unlike competing companies, we tailor to your measurements and needs, not the other way around. 
Trust us to make your dreams come true. 


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